YU-GA golf clubs

PURE FORGED are a supplier and distributor of all YU-GA golf equipment. We supply both irons and wedges from this Japanese manufacturer.

YU-GA or formerly known as Chikara designs have recently re-branded and PURE FORGED are pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with the manufacturer.

The YU-GA CB-1 irons are a perfect blend of the forgiveness of a cavity, whilst not sacrificing the control and feel of a muscle-back. By completing the meticulous YU-GA forging process at the factory in Okayama Japan, you get a premium forged iron constructed to the highest quality and accuracy. YU-GA’s process of ‘Forging Flow Lines’ creates an iron that not only has outstanding feel on impact, but also an unmatched ball speed off the face. Chikara Designs YUGA CB -1 irons are available 3-pw, 4-pw and 5-pw.

The YU-GA MB-1 irons are a stunning forged blade iron. Their head shape is sleek and very appealing to the eye at address. These blades are suitable for a good player who desires a pure strike. The beautiful shape of these irons, combined with a special forging process at the factory in Okayama Japan using “flow lines” technology to produce a soft feel on impact give the MB -1 irons that special feel which every golfer wants. YU-GA MB -1 irons are available 3-pw, 4-pw and 5-pw.

As with Chikara Designs, these are the pinnacle of Japanese golf club design and quality.

Standard shaft options are Shimada and True Temper which are available as a buy it now option, please select your preferred shaft and flex at the checkout. Golf Pride Tour Velvet are supplied as the standard grip option. As with all our clubs, other shafts such as KBS, Nippon and Veylix and Grips such as Iomic are available as an upgrade, if you require a different shaft/grip, please complete your purchase and request an upgrade on the comments section. We will contact you to finalise and the cost of the standard shaft/grip will be discounted from any upgrade charge.

Website: YU-GA
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