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Founded in 1991, UST Mamiya has been producing the most innovative golf shafts in the world.  The principles of Quality, Performance and Feel are rooted in the engineering history of our company.  UST Mamiya – driving innovation around the world!

UST Mamiya “Maximising the Influence of Torque on Distance and Control”
The new Proforce VTS shafts use tri-bias technology to create three unique torque sections in each shaft. This design smoothes out the shaft ‘s linear GJ Curve (torque) along the entire length of the shaft, not just in the tip section, thus optimising the energy transfer at the point of impact, creating increased clubhead speed, higher ball speed, greater distance and reduced ball dispersion. By balancing the weight, flex and torque of each shaft 3-dimensionally, Proforce VTS shafts create additional power and control. From A flex to X , club-fitters can use Proforce VTS 3- dimensional fitting system to match each player’s swing DNA to the correct torque for their unique swing.

“World’s Finest Carbon Fiber Golf Shafts” is a bold claim, but it’s a declaration that we take seriously. Every UST Mamiya International shaft is made to strict tour-standard tolerances as required by the longest and straightest drivers.

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