True Temper Shafts


True Temper uses premium-grade steel to engineer the Gold Standard of golf shafts. Browse our True Temper’s tour-proven irons shafts, and learn more about the #1 shafts in golf. The most popular golf shaft on the market and a longtime favorite for professional golfers, True Temper is a leader in golf club shaft technology. The Dynamic Gold shaft is among the most popular on the PGA Tour and more professionals have won using this shaft than all other shaft models combined. True Temper, the world leader in shaft technology, makes 12 models of shafts, including one specifically designed for putters.

All True Temper premium shafts are created using the company’s proprietary Gold Manufacturing Process. The Process ensures pinpoint specification consistency throughout each set with exacting weight tolerances, taper rates, wall thickness changes, proven tip reinforcement and balance points for unmatched shot repeatability. True Temper uses its patented “SensiCore” technology to reduce vibration in the shaft. The shafts have a polymer core that drastically reduces vibration, which results in improved feel as well as reducing wear and tear on the body. This technology is available in True Temper’s Dynamic Gold, Dynalite Gold, Dynamic Gold Lite, Dynamic Gold SL, Custom Lite and Release lines.

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