The art of forging

Step 1

The head starts life as cylindrical stick of mild iron, which heated to 1200 degrees, so that the iron maintains its chemical integrity. Note that this is the structure for the head and not the hosel, which is added later.

Step 2

The heated cylinder is then struck by hand with a massive forging hammer, which then in turn creates the initial rough shape of the golf club head in preparation for the next stage of the unique golf club forging process.

Step 3

The edges are now trimmed and the rough head is now pounded again with the forging hammer. The force used is very precise, and along with the head of the rough head this creates the molecular structure of the head.

Step 4

The head is hit a third and fourth time, by which the head is now well defined and is in a smooth and unblemished state. Once in this state, the score lines and any artwork and iron numbers can be stamped into the head.

Step 5

The hosel now comes into the forging process equation. The hosel cylinder is now spin welded onto the head in a very precise manner to make sure lofts and lies are of an exact nature on the club head.

Step 6

At this point we have a raw but technically advanced head, it is starting to take shape and is now ready to ready to be passed over to the next stage 7 where it will be finished off by personally the Master Craftsmen.

Step 7

Grinding and polishing now takes place to make sure each head is taken to its specified weight. Each iron has its own designated weight which will generally see a 4 gram increment between irons, which allows for very tight swing weight matching.

Step 8

A final polish is done in a polishing barrel, able to produce any sort of finish using a variety of techniques. Plating is applied, using Nickel Chrome or W Nickel for a Satin Finish with a touch of copper to the chrome for the rest of the head and hosel.

Step 9

The face now requires a light sandblasting to give it a bit of grip for the ball to munch on. The chrome is taped over here, allowing only the face to be blasted. Now the club is ready, apart from painting in the number, model stampings, shaft and grip.

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