We haven’t been around for 60 or 40 or even 20 years, but in that time we’ve seen grips go relatively unchanged. It begs the question, “why has every other piece of equipment in the golf industry evolved, except grips?” We believe innovations shouldn’t take this long, so we challenge ourselves everyday to get a better grip in the hands of golfers, so they can hit better shots and make more putts. SuperStroke will always push the limits of grip performance, technology and design, so all golfers, regardless of skill level, can experience a more meaningful connection to their shots and their game.

Nothing holds us back as we search for the next breakthrough in grip technology and design.
Every product we make is designed to help golfers perform their best on every shot.
We believe competition is necessary to create the best products, and it’s our David vs. Goliath mentality that drives us to work harder.
The best performing grips don’t always come from the biggest companies. When you’re small, you’re able to make better products faster.
We will always be the leading edge of the golf grip category.

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