Accra iSeries Tour (T90i, T100i, T110i) iron shafts

Accra iSeries Tour (T90i, T100i, T110i) iron shafts


Please note, iron shafts available in: T90i = M4, T100i = M4, T110i = M5

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For golfers looking for “Tour” stability and performance from their iron shafts, the iSeries Tour line of shafts is available in 3 weight categories each with the ability to achieve three basic flexes and a multitude of fractional flexes as determined by the Club Technician.

iSeries Tour irons shafts come in 90, 100 & 110 weight

The 90i, 100i, and 110i all feature ACCRA’s Weave Technology to increase stability and reduce ovaling in a discerning golfers hands.

Golfers looking for precise distance control, the ability to “work” the ball and exacting command of launch conditions, the ACCRA iSeries Tour shafts wil provide an excellent graphite option.

All measurements using our S3 machine for iron shafts use a 264 gram chuck to better simulate the movements of an iron head.