Accra iCWT (75, 85, 95, 105) iron shafts

Accra iCWT (75, 85, 95, 105) iron shafts


Please note, iron shafts available in: T90i = M4, T100i = M4, T110i = M5

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ACCRA introduces the first constant weight series of iron shafts specifically designed to enable the world’s best professional clubfitters the ability to dial in a weight and flex to perfectly fit all levels of golfers.

The elegant matte black graphics combined with a subtle silver shaft band will surely appeal to all levels of golfers from weekend warriors to PGA Touring professionals.

ACCRA iCWT Prototype iron shaft is engineered using only high modulus materials to maximize resistance to ovaling and providing consistent flight control. This combined with the constant weight design, will be a perfect compliment to the current line of iSeries and iSeries Tour iron shafts that feature a descending weight profile.

iCWT Prototype is engineered using ACCRA’s S3 shaft profiling machine to ensure consistency, and exacting specifications. ACCRA’s S3 shaft blue printing system enables our designers to have a greater understanding of shaft profiles and how they affect flight than ever before.

Available in 4 weights 75 grams (M3 flex), 85 grams (M3 flex), 95 grams (M4 flex) and 105 grams (M5 Flex). Each shaft offers a 4” parallel tip section to enable professional clubfitters the ability to manipulate flex, flight and stability to maximize the fitting experience. This combined with the option of soft stepping or hard stepping makes this shaft revolutionary as a constant weight shaft with a vast array of fitting options.

As with all ACCRA shafts performance and feel are the result of premium designs and an understanding of professional clubfitting.