Accra Concept Series CS1 350 driver shaft

Accra Concept Series CS1 350 driver shaft


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A responsive tip section combined with lower torque and a higher CG make for the perfect shaft for the newest driver heads that tend to promote super low spin rates. Discerning golfers, generally, require a shaft that has great stability and also gives them the ability to launch the ball slightly higher. The Concept Series 300 (CS1), has more torsional stability than any shaft ACCRA has produced for more control of launch and spin. The higher CG also enables the world’s best club fitters to fit the CS1 into any of the current driver heads and manipulate swing weight easily.

Using the new S3 shaft profiling machine, ACCRA has developed this line to specific specifications in order to maximize shaft performance using the latest technology in heads and golf balls. Our new manufacturing facility in Japan enables ACCRA to meet tighter tolerances than ever before and the S3 machine confirms that.