OBAN is singularly focused on developing the best performing golf shafts in the world. Our shaft designs are rigorously tested by top tier Tour players, then perfected by our precision engineering team to validate performance specifications. OBAN’s newly released Kiyoshi White ranks among the most advanced composite shafts on the market. The shaft is produced with OBAN’s breakthrough proprietary MultiPlex Design Technology (MPT), and precision crafted using high modulus unidirectional material strategically placed along the length of the shaft for reduced ovalization − stabilizing the shaft at impact.

How do OBAN shafts differ from competitors? OBAN’s complex designs are produced exclusively using the highest grade resin and composite fibers available. We continue to push the structural limits of raw graphite by integrating low resin and high stable pre-preg materials. The results speak for themselves. Better feel, tighter dispersion, and longer distance drives make OBAN a top choice among touring professionals and avid golfers alike. Beyond exotic materials and proprietary designs, OBAN meticulously manages every aspect of the shaft manufacturing process. Graphite pre-preg materials are thoroughly inspected, exacting controls verify weight and flex, and centerless grinding ensures strict shape and diameter tolerances are maintained.

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