Matrix Shafts, located in Anaheim’s Canyon Centre for Advanced Technology, was founded in 1993 with the aim of creating class leading golf shafts for tour players and weekend players alike. What sets Matrix apart in the shaft industry is near obsessive attention to performance advancements, quality control, and a desire to use emerging technologies regardless of expense.

After years of slowly building a cult following among elite club makers and technically savvy tour players, the growth Matrix always knew would come has been increasing exponentially in the last few years. The disciplined approach of cutting edge design theory, precision craftsmanship and innovative aesthetics has positioned Matrix to make bold steps moving forward. Chief Designer Daniel You has earned a reputation for intuitive designs and a keen ear to tour players to further refine his products. Similar to the trickle down of technology in motor racing, the Matrix line of shafts created for developing players has benefited through a “First to tour, first to market” approach.

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