Frequently asked questions

Our clubfitters and master club builder are on-site every day, but in an effort to provide an adequate amount of time and individual attention, we offer sessions by appointment only. Walk-ins are always welcome but will be accommodated on an open slot basis with priority given to those who have booked. Please send an email to or call +44 (0)1294 446020 to book a custom-fit at our state of the art indoor Irvine fitting centre.

A custom fitting session can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the number and type of clubs you are being fitted for. Please contact us for availability and to discuss what you require. We will let you know how much time to allocate for your fitting. Additionally, we suggest you come a few minutes before your scheduled appointment and we’ll give you range balls so you can warm-up and take you through filling out our in depth analysis form first.

Having clubs that are specifically fit to your unique, individual swing will help you hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently. If the clubs you’re currently using are inappropriate for your swing, a disparity of shots may prevent you from improving. The wrong shaft length or flex may cause lack of distance, hooks or slices. Playing with the wrong lie will have an effect on your trajectory, or can cause pulls, pushes. The grip size can affect the way you hold the club, and may cause hooks or slices or too much tension in your hands. Our team of experts are best placed to evaluate your game and biometrics so that you know you have the correctly fitted clubs.

In sessions for clubs other than putters, you’ll test a variety of head styles and shaft flexes from different manufacturers, using face tape to indicate your points of impact for length and consistency of hit. We use the FlightScope X2 launch monitor to compare individual club performance, calculate ball speed, launch angles, backspin rates and verify optimal ball flight based on what the golfer sees and feels, and what we see in determining the clubs with optimal performance. For putters, we’ll measure your natural set-up to determine length and hosel styles that will work with your stance. You’ll test putters while we measure results and then once everything is dialed in, you’ll roll putts on our real-grass putting green to finalize a selection. We’ll also fit you into the proper grip for your putter to ensure no unnecessary hand tension is caused by the grip.

If you have a somewhat repeatable golf swing and passionate about improving your game, you can be custom fit for clubs or a putter. People often think they have to be a pro or low handicap player to deserve custom fit clubs. Actually, the opposite is true, don’t wait to be “good” because you may never get there without custom fit clubs. A highly-skilled player can compensate for ill-fit equipment better than a lesser-skilled player. In fact, it may be the equipment that is holding you back from reaching your potential. Most of our players see significant improvement in their game with new equipment or adjustments to their existing clubs.

Club fitting is a process which helps to find clubs that make you more consistent no matter how you are swinging on any given day. All golfers have good and bad days, but their swing characteristics like swing speed and how they move through the hitting area don’t vary much. Also, we have clubs for every type of golfer, so we can build in ultimate forgiveness in the club configuration to help the golfer improve and be more consistent with certain head designs, lofts and shafts.

Rarely do we see much of an adjustment period with new equipment, especially if it is fitted to the golfer. Most people immediately hit the ball better and putt better, but it depends on how much of a change it is from their prior clubs. We generally suggest allowing 2-3 weeks to get used to the new yardages and feel. Also, the best time to get fitted is when you are hitting it well. In the end of the fitting process you get to decide what you want to do with your equipment.

No it does NOT cost more to have clubs that are fitted to you. Whether you choose in-stock or custom-made clubs, we’ll stay within your budget. Pure Forged custom-fits many brands and price ranges of equipment for men and women so that we have something for everyone. Saving money on clubs is never a good reason to play the wrong equipment.

Yes be build a huge variety of clubs from different manufactures from scratch. We are a team of fully qualified club fitters and club builders. This is one of many reasons that sets us apart from our competition.

Unlike indoor stores where you hit directly into a net or putt on an artificial surface, testing clubs at our under cover driving range swing studio allows you to actually see where the ball goes in the air and test putters on a real-grass green. Ball flight results and the actual roll and break that happen on a real-grass green are extremely important in determining proper club fit. Many times it appears you’ve hit the ball straight, only to see it hook or fade before landing. You simply cannot see this hitting into a net or cage or putting on fake grass.

The major difference in being fit with us is you get to try lots of different brands at the same time and we are unbiased with which clubs you purchase. By having so many brands, we are able to fit you to what works best for your swing and most times it takes more than one brand to play your best. If you just want one brand, then coming here or going to the manufacturer are both great, but the fit will most likely cost you more if you go to the manufacturer. Some of the manufacturers do not actually sell clubs at their fitting facilities and will send you to somewhere like our facility to buy them.

Our Trackman 4 launch monitor is a machine that records the launch conditions of a golf ball at impact. It gives parameter information on spin rate, launch angle, carry distance and much more. It allows us to statistically compare the results when you hit different clubs. It helps us target your correct club combination and to “gap” fit you with different lofted clubs to make sure you have all your distances covered. Our launch monitor is radar-based technology which can determine distances to within one yard, even though we are hitting balls on the range. For putting fits, we use similar technology which captures the critical parameters of your putting stroke in real time. It uses mechanics to measure alignment, rotation, path, loft, impact spot, and tempo, which all contribute to how a putt rolls and which can be improved with the right putter for the player.

All of the brands we provide may be fit for both men, women and some juniors depending on their ability and size. Our specialist custom fitting centre enables us to configure clubs in a variety of shaft flexes and lengths, head styles and lofts, for every type of player.

Yes please do, your existing clubs will give us a baseline with which to compare the new clubs you are testing. This will help you understand the difference between older and newer technology.

It depends on the club type and brand type, as some clubs can be modified, but others cannot due to the way they are constructed. The best time to be fit for clubs is BEFORE you buy, which takes the expensive guess work out of potentially buying the wrong clubs for you. Getting fit before you buy offers the maximum opportunity to correctly fit you in every aspect of the clubs. We may be able to affordably change to the correct grip size or bend to the right loft or lie angle. If, for example, you bought the wrong flex shaft, it could be expensive to change those out. Sometimes it is better to just trade-in incorrect clubs and start over with new ones. We would work with you in a analysis session to determine if the clubs you purchased are right for you

Not much. Men’s standard shaft length is typically 1” longer than women’s standard. Shafts labeled as “men’s” typically come in three flexes (stiff – S, regular – R and senior or “A”) while women’s typically come in just one flex (light or L). However, it is common for women to play with “men’s” flex shafts and, occasionally for men or junior boys to need “women’s” flex shafts. In drivers, women’s clubs often come with higher lofts than men’s to help get the ball in the air. Since golfers come in all heights and comfortably stand different distances from the ball, we can order shafts in different lengths from the factory where they will balance the weight of the head with the length of the shaft.

Most of our fitting systems come with under-length and over-length clubs to fit the player. We have clubs to fit 99% of golfers. If you have a concern that we don’t have something available for you, please contact us to discuss your options.

Yes, we do. If you need something we don’t currently have in our fitting building, just give us a heads-up before your scheduled fit session and we can work with our manufacturer representatives to have additional clubs here for you to try. Our goal is always to give you the most options so you can find the best club for you.

Yes we do, we have as many left-handed clubs as we can get our hands on for club fitting, as we realize it can often be difficult for lefties to find clubs to test and compare. If there is something in particular you require then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. We will work with you and the manufacturer to get the right equipment together for you.

Both indoors and out on the real grass putting green. In our Putter Fitting Studio, we use our proven fitting technique which gives comparative information about how different putters strike the ball with your stroke. Additionally, we have several other fitting tools so that we can find a putter that fits your natural set-up, rather than you trying to set-up to random putters. We keep a large selection of putters in stock, so that you can test a variety of lengths, weights, hosel configurations and head styles.

For putters, yes, just come into the shop and roll some putts. However, “Self-fitting” is one of the most difficult things to do and one of the most common mistakes golfers make. Our goal is to help you find the right equipment and, for that reason, we recommend that all club testing is done in a fitting session. However, if have hit a specific club elsewhere and you are fairly sure it is the one you want, we will have one of our fitters take you out on the range and hit it a few balls for free to make sure it is a good choice for you.

Ball fitting is matching up your clubs and your swing with the best ball to get the optimal results, especially from 100 yards and in. Feel and spin are important, so we start there when finding the correct ball. When hitting balls off drivers, most premium balls are made for high launch, low spin. By using our technology to measure your ball flight characteristics, we can do a good job of helping select the right ball for you. Golf balls are designed for specific swing speeds or specific types of ball flight or spin. Using a ball that doesn’t match your swing speed or ball flight will not give you optimal results – and can often be a waste of money. For example, if you are a lower swing speed player who tends to slice the ball, you do not need a premium ball with a high spin characteristic. When we find the right match for you, it will help you hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently and often save you money.

You’ll never be pressured to make a purchase. We keep your personal specifications until you’re ready to make a decision. Even after you buy, we keep your specifications on file so that you can add or replace a club to your set at any time. If you choose in-stock clubs, you’re out practising on the range right away. Custom-made clubs are usually ready within 7-10 days from order placement, although sometimes it might take a bit longer and we will let you know how long just as soon as we find out.

The technology of most golf clubs is outdated after just a few seasons. If you want to take advantage of the latest technology, you should buy new clubs. If you think your old clubs are pretty good and could be modified slightly to be better, we can look at that during a fitting session. During the custom fitting process we start with your current equipment and can evaluate whether they are the best for you and if the specs are correct. If you would like to try the new irons and compare them it will be easy for you to tell if you can hit them better. We will be there to help guide you through the process, but will not push you to buy anything unless that is what you wish to do.

Yes. Bring your putter to the shop and we’ll check it against your stance and set-up. We’ll also check that the grip is fit for your hands, as size and style can affect hand tension and how you hold the putter. Some people find success simply with a grip change, including trying an oversized grip. Other common putter alterations we can make are cut-downs, lengthening, adding weight, etc. to improve how it feels to you. Most of these alterations can quickly be done in our on-site club repair room. Please note that each alteration is priced separately and you may need to buy a new grip.

We recommend you come in for an anaysis-fit so we can make sure the shafts you want to change to are what you need and which shaft is best for you. The heads for graphite clubs are heavier, so if we put steel shafts in the same head, usually the clubs will come out too heavy. There is a chance we can take some weight out of the heads, and also use a lightweight steel to get the right swing weights.

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