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PURE FORGED are an independent stockist of all Edel golf equipment. We can supply the full range of this American club manufacturer including Irons, Wedges & Putters. Visit the store section of this page for current products.

Edel Golf is dedicated to providing the most innovative, highest quality and best performing products in the Golf Industry. You might expect that a guy who is devoting his life to creating handmade putters and wedges was born a master of the short game. Ironically, it was his own putting and chipping flaws that lead him to develop the best of class short game clubs in the world. David Edel is a PGA Professional. He had dreams of making a living playing competitive golf but a mediocre short game held him back, and as a result he began teaching the game. Over the years he studied swing mechanics and club fitting with renowned instructors and tournament players, including Mike Adams, Ben Doyle, Chuck Cook, and PGA Hall of Fame member Roberto DeVincenzo.

In working with players ranging from top pros to high-handicappers, Edel realized that the best way to make a premium, finely tuned putter or wedge, is not to mass produce a couple of models and then find someone who likes one of them — but rather to build the club from scratch, individually fit, for that particular player. Around this basic philosophy, Edel Golf has created custom fitting processes for wedges and putters that takes into account each individual’s uniqueness. You will not find higher quality materials and craftsmanship in any golf product anywhere in the world.

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