Custom fitting is not just for elite amateurs or Tour Pro’s

So what is a custom fitting?

We will take a little time talking the the customer to find out why he has come to us in the first place. We will ask him specific questions about his game and at the same time take some information about his current clubs. Some golfers come to us because they want a new set of clubs and they have heard about our products and service and others come to us because they need help in a particular area.

Firstly, the customer hits balls onto our driving range using his own clubs. This allows us to note some statistics about their current clubs and performance.This will also help us see how the customer naturally plays golf and progress our custom fit process. We use Trackman 4 launch monitor to gather the custom fit data including club speed, ball speed, spin rate, smash factor, launch angle, carry distance, launch direction, swing plane, spin axis, face to path, face angle, attack angle, shot dispersion and much more. We let the customer test many different head and shaft combinations whilst analysing all the launch monitor data. The club fitter will show the customer the data and explain it to them in its simplest form so they understand how it will help their golf game. The club fitter will also listen the customer to ascertain what he feels when he hits each shot. The club fitter will then make a recommendation on the optimum head and shaft for them. Pure Forged have no affiliation to any one golf company.They recommend what is best for each golfer.

What happens next?

Once we have agreed on the best head, shaft and grip for the customer and we have determined their exact specification, the customer will then confirm their order. Next, the components are delivered to the workshop where the custom build takes place. We have a fully equipped workshop with tight control measures and every single club is built and checked to the exact specification required. Jamie, Master Club Builder controls every aspect of the clubs built in the PFG workshop.

Our service list includes the following:
Complete custom club fitting service using Trackman 4
Club building service
Club re-shafting
Club re-finishing and personalisation
Shaft laser spine alignment
Club repairs and re-gripping
Loft and Lie check and adjustment for irons and putters
Yardage check using Flightscope X2

We are one of Europe’s leading providers of custom fitted and precision built golf clubs. Call 01294 446020 or email to discuss all your needs with our team. At Pure Forged Golf, we ensure that your clubs are fitted and built to your exact specifications. Please feel free to browse all the different manufacturers we stock or visit our website store.

An invaluable experience

Making a custom fit appointment with Pure Forged Golf will be a truly informative experience, it will not only establish which are the best clubs for you but also assist with yardages to keep your game consistent. You can therefore ensure that you purchase exactly the correct combination of clubs to cover all areas of your game. The Pure Forged Golf Custom Fitting Centre has state of the art Trackman 4 fitting equipment to custom fit golfers of all levels. No longer a speciality service reserved for just Touring Pros, custom fitting can have an even more dramatic impact on amateur golfers, from beginners to low handicap players.

A fully equipped workshop and outdoor swing studio is on site to build clubs and undertake any custom club work, like they do on the Tour. This is why various European Tour Players use Pure Forged between Tournaments to have their clubs checked. All golfers, regardless of their game want to play better golf. Our equipment, swing and ball flight analysis will help you achieve this.

Competitive golfers know that the fastest way to improve their game is to use the right equipment tailored exactly for them. At the Pure Forged Custom Fit centre you get the highest quality clubs custom fit to match your own requirements. As Tiger Woods said, “Accurate custom fitting is for all golfers, not just professionals or single digit handicap players.”

Our on site technology includes:
Trackman 4
Loft and lie machines for irons
Loft and lie machine for putters
Frequency analysers
Swingweight scales
Laser for flowing shafts
Ferrule turning machines
Belt Grinders for customising wedges
Professional Shaft extractors

What our clients say

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PURE FORGED specialise in the custom fitting of putters, often one of the most over looked aspects of your game. We stock a large variety of putters including Scotty Cameron, Piretti, Kronos, Golds Factory, PXG & more. Visit our online store or book a custom fitting session with our master club fitter.

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