The winner of the Shell Houston Open drove to victory using the Aldila Rogue golf shaft (Rogue 70 Tour X) in his driver. Aldila also had more shafts in play during the Shell Houston Open than any other manufacturer.  To date, players using Aldila shafts have won 10 times during the 2016 Tour season.  Since the 2014 Tour season, players using the Aldila Rogue have won 24 times, including 2 Majors and 2 FedEx Cup Championships.  With results like these, there’s no surprise the Aldila Rogue continues to be the most popular driver shaft in play since its introduction on Tour.

“Rogue offers unmatched performance and consistency through the use of advanced, rare, and extremely expensive aerospace materials,” said John Oldenburg, Aldila’s Vice President of Engineering and Product Development. “No other golf shaft on the market today uses the advanced, extremely high modulus, ‘Graphitic Carbon’ fibers that provide performance characteristics never before available in a golf shaft.”

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