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Welcome to Pure Forged Golf
Based in the UK, we are specialists in Premium Golf Equipment.  Pure Forged Golf are one of Europe's leading providers of custom fitted and precision built golf clubs.​



At Pure Forged Golf, to ensure that your clubs are fitted and built to your exact specifications.
We deal in component form which means we can offer a vast range of custom build options from a wide range of high end products.  

At our Custom fit centre and workshop in Glasgow, Scotland, we offer a full service of custom fit, Tour quality assembly and customisation service.   

We are worldwide distributors of Chikara Designs products as well as being an authorised dealer for premium brands including Miura, Epon, Honma, OnOff and Vega. 

Pure Forged supply the best shafts in golf, including Shimada, KBS, Accra, UST Mamiya, Graphite Design, Nippon,  Oban, Matrix Ozik and many more.

We are proud to be the authorised exclusive UK Distributor for OnOff Golf and the Scottish Distributor for Honma and Oban Golf Shafts.

With the correct shaft and head combination, golfers hit the ball further, straighter and are able to swing with less effort. What has not been so clear to golfers, however, is how to find out what shaft and head combination is best for them.  Golfers can spend hours hitting different shaft and head combinations with the hope of finding the one that feels right for them.

At Pure Forged Golf we take the most comprehensive and technologically advanced approach to club fitting. In addition to standard club fitting, which typically involves loft/lie assessment, measurements for length, and swing speed, we also assess your tempo, transition, release and identify an best possible ball flight trajectory and ball dispersion accuracy ratio to suit your swing. All of which is based on the correct torque, frequency and kick-point location on the shaft to also ensure improved carry distance and total distance optimization.
In addition, when we build clubs we fine tune them and spine align each shaft to ensure consistency within the set thereby guaranteeing shaft feel and consistency through each shot.  Using our Flightscope fitting process, golfers have benefited from more distance and up to 50% more accuracy than off-the-shelf clubs or traditional fitting processes. 

Pure Forged Custom Fitting Experience

Making a custom fit appointment with Pure Forged Golf will be a truly informative experience, it will not only establish which are the best clubs for you but also assist in yardages to keep your game consistent.

You can therefore ensure that you purchase exactly the correct combination of clubs to cover all areas of your game. Click here for more information

Please note that as there are so many shaft options to list, for all products listed with £0.00 price, this means price has to be confirmed by Pure Forged Golf depending on which head/shaft combination is required by the customer.  Please contact us by email and we will give you the price quote.